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Reality of a ballistic missile threat
I say talk is cheap because we can discuss the NK threat, the possibility of a missile strike to Hawaii, all we want. It's all theoretical and doesn't hit your consciousness until you believe it's imminent. When it does, all that cheap talk about what to do, how you may survive, becomes nonsense.

I was just out of the shower and brushing my teeth in the master bathroom this morning. Lou was also in the bathroom. My phone was in the next room (my office) on my computer desk, and Lou was in the bedroom dresser. All of a sudden, at the same time, both cellphones began chirping notifications. Lou went to check and announced that it was a HI-EMA alert of a ballistic missile launch detection, and that it was not a drill. *It was not a drill*. That statement pierced my senses immediately with such seriousness and surrealism and it froze me for a few seconds.

Lou went downstairs to check on Tony and Lina (visiting us), and then began to put futons and other necessities in the downstairs bathroom. We did note that there were no civil defense sirens or anything. just the text alerts on cellphones and TV station banners/announcements.

I went across the street to Mom's house to check on her and her reactions/emotions. Mom didn't have the TV on and had not heard the alert. Upon telling her, she had the notion to pack an emergency bag and head out somewhere, the hills/mountains/jungle or something, as was the drill in her World War II experience. I told her there is nowhere to go, no location to run from or run to, and all we can do is shelter in place. I suggested her walk-in master bathroom closet since it is away from external window or wall exposure. Then I left to go back home.

Upon coming home we got the alert that it was all a false alarm. Human error on the part of HEMA shift people during shift change. Terror mode was called off.

It was a nerve shattering experience, albeit for a mere few moments. Because I quickly came to the realization that there is nothing to do to protect and prepare for such a possible eventuality if we got hit by a ballistic nuke. 18-20 minutes in the estimated flight time from NK launch to impact in Hawaii. That's no way near enough time to gather the family and find a fallout shelter. There are no clearly designated shelters that I am aware of in our area. The shelters from the cold war era have not been maintained. If we were to try to find and go to a shelter the panicked crowd doing the same thing would be exponentially worse than black Friday shopping crowds, and we could well find ourselves exposed to the attack while waiting or struggling outdoors to try to get in.

The prescribed action per CD is to shelter in place. In our homes which was thin walls and no real solid (blast resistant) foundation or structure.

If it was a real attack and we were within the blast zone or concussion zone, we're done. That was my reality at about 5 minutes after I got the notification. No need to rush and get frantic. What's written is written at that point.

That reality will be our way of life until someone gets rid of Kim Jung Un and the NK threat PERMANENTLY, to include potential successors of that evil empire.

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#1 | ronnieboy on January 15 2018 04:19
I saw this all over the news, how insane that must have been.
#2 | JDaniels on February 07 2018 16:50
So how crazy were those moments!!!???!
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01/21/2018 04:02
Not me!!! Free work is more like it...

01/20/2018 13:14
possible vacation next week for anybody? Smile

12/17/2017 18:31
hello baaaaby. joke eya! Smile

11/10/2017 11:08
Thank you!

11/09/2017 16:34
is it interesting?

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