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About the Back Room
The Back Room (the link is on the top menu bar toward the right side, viewable if you're logged in and are in the BASIC group). Some want to know how to access, others don't. For those who do, this article is about that.

Discussion Forums
The discussion forums are found upon clicking the "forum" option in the top navigation/menu bar, or maybe the navigation panel on the left of the page. There, I have several forums in a few categories.

Group Access Levels
For the few who took the interest to ask, i na imbilikeru hamyu!!! No really, there are different, successive, levels of access to the site created by member groups. Different member groups have different kinds of access. If this interests you, well, read on.

Music Library Content/Selection Contributions
Two things have been evident ever since I put up my personal music collection, ripped from CDs and converted to digital .mp3 from audio cassette/vinyl, for others to listen to.