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Add-On Website scripts/Codes
FileChucker 05/31/2016 Royce -- 49 0 --
FileChucker FileChucker is an AJAX-based web application that lets you accept file uploads on your own website.
PHP-Fusion v7.x Manual 02/10/2019 Royce -- 12 0 --
PHP-Fusion v7.x Manual PHP-Fusion v7.x Users Manual
Upload Point 1.62 Beta 04/27/2009 Royce -- 46 0 --
Upload Point 1.62 Beta very simple to use php upload script with password protection. It is designed to be as "plug-n-play" as possible.
No Downloads have been added to this Category
PHP-FUSION Core and Add-Ons/Infusions
BB Codes for Articles & News v1.00 05/28/2017 Royce 1.00 145 0 --
BB Codes for Articles & News v1.00 PHP-Fusion v7.02.03 compatibility. BB Codes for Articles & News gives the option to use BB Codes in articles and news submissions as well as the standard options of html and TinyMCE HTML editor.
Gender Userfield 03/10/2016 Royce 1.0.0 43 0 --
Gender Userfield Gender Userfield with Images v1.0.0 A new gender userfield where the user can select their gender and display an icon representing their gender on their profile.
Image Left Right Align BBCode 10/26/2018 Royce -- 54 0 --
Image Left Right Align BBCode BBcode that allows images to be aligned left or right in forums, articles, etc..
Last Seen Users Panel v1.01 01/02/2014 Royce 1.01 52 0 --
Last Seen Users Panel v1.01 Adds a "Last Seen Users" panel.
Media BBcode Mod 37 07/21/2015 Royce -- 76 0 --
Media BBcode Mod 37 Adds bbcode for media embedding
Members Only BB Code 07/28/2015 Royce 1.00 41 0 --
Members Only BB Code for PHP-Fusion v7.00.xx - A BB code that will only display content to logged in Members.
News Panel Pack for PHP-Fusion v7.xx.xx 05/28/2017 Royce 1.00 83 0 --
News Panel Pack for PHP-Fusion v7.xx.xx The News Panel Pack includes 3 news panels. Latest 5 News Panel; Top 5 Read News Panel; News Categories Panel.
Photowidget panel 08/11/2015 Royce 1.0 44 0 --
Photowidget panel Photowidget panel 1.0 for PHP-Fusion: V7 - Adds a panel which will show randomized images in a cloud of photo thumbs from your PHP-Fusion v7 gallery.
PHP-Fusion 7.02 Fix for PHP7 09/11/2018 Royce -- 53 0 --
PHP-Fusion 7.02 Fix for PHP7 Fix files for PHP-Fusion v7.02.xx to make it work with PHP7.x.
PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 Full Install 12/08/2016 Royce 7.02.07 51 0 --
PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 Full Install PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 Full Install
PHP-Fusion v8.00.00 02/10/2019 Royce 8.00.00 12 0 --
PHP-Fusion v8.00.00 PHP-Fusion v8.00.00 release
Download Stats Downloads: 24
Downloaded: 796
Most Downloaded: BB Codes for Articles & News v1.00 [ 145 ]
Most Recent: PHP-Fusion v7.x Manual [ 12 ]


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01/01/2019 23:11
Did you login first? I moved back behind the login first requirement...

12/31/2018 21:59
Royce, where did the link to the Back Room go? Saw it on the menu bar a few days ago, but not there anymore.

12/22/2018 03:26
Royce merry Christmas to your family.

12/18/2018 00:39
Merry Christmas GUAM!!!

12/14/2018 21:43
anybody else in the back room? convo slow

12/02/2018 19:26
where do I send request for back room adults access

11/28/2018 04:09
Basic group can view the panel.

11/28/2018 04:08
The music is in the middle of this page, toward the bottom, audio/video panel. But I can see your profile your not in basic group.

11/26/2018 19:57
So where’s the music?

10/25/2018 16:06
Arjen, do you mean downloading the infusion install file? It's in the first post in The PHP-Fusion USA Support site forum. Let me know if you can't downl

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