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PHP-FUSION Includes, Mods, Add-Ons
Mods and add-ons outside of Infusions. New Includes, etc.
BB Codes for Articles & News 05/28/2017 Royce 1.00 263 0 --
BB Codes for Articles & News PHP-Fusion v7.02.03 compatibility. BB Codes for Articles & News gives the option to use BB Codes in articles and news submissions as well as the standard options of html and TinyMCE HTML editor.
Gender Userfield 03/11/2016 Royce 1.0.0 119 0 --
Gender Userfield Gender Userfield with Images v1.0.0 A new gender userfield where the user can select their gender and display an icon representing their gender on their profile.
Image Left Right Align BBCode 05/20/2019 Royce -- 174 0 --
Image Left Right Align BBCode BBcode that allows images to be aligned left or right in forums, articles, etc.. Fixed for PHP-Fusion v8.00.21
Media BBcode Mod 37 07/21/2015 Royce -- 169 0 --
Media BBcode Mod 37 Adds bbcode for media embedding
Members Only BB Code 07/28/2015 Royce 1.00 108 0 --
Members Only BB Code for PHP-Fusion v7.00.xx - A BB code that will only display content to logged in Members.
My Custom BBCodes 11/11/2019 Royce -- 37 0 --
My Custom BBCodes These are restriction BBcode Include files for my specific user groups.
Orientation Userfield 10/29/2015 Royce -- 30 0 --
Orientation Userfield Adds Sexual Orientation userfield to user profile
Photogallery Subcategories 01/13/2017 Royce 1.21 27 0 --
Photogallery Subcategories This *** CORE MOD *** enables subalbums for photogallery. You can create subalbums of current albums. An album can have both subalbums and albums.
Public BBcode 11/06/2019 Royce -- 76 0 --
Public BBcode Displays text/content for PUBLIC or nonmembers/members not logged in ONLY. This is adapted from Wooya's members only bbcode.
Relationship Userfield 10/19/2015 Royce -- 33 0 --
Relationship Userfield User profile field for Indicating Relationship Status
Stats Panel 11/29/2015 Royce -- 26 0 --
Stats Panel Displays a Statistics Panel, added by Admin panel, to display stats on photos in the gallery, videos, forum posts and comments, etc..
Strikout Font BBCode 12/24/2017 Royce -- 22 0 --
Strikout Font BBCode BBCode adds strikeout font
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