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Kalihi Shooting: Self Defense or Murder? Hmmm
The shooting happened the evening of Nov 7th. I picked up the story on HNN and the Advertiser. It's been talk on social media since. I keep wanting to put my 2 cents in but damn the polarized opinions. Plus, me I'm biased from the beginning as soon as I read the 16-year old shooting victim's name was Starsky Willy.

Yeah people from Guam know just by the name. I say it over and over again, Hawaii is only now coming to feel and realize what Guam has known and experienced for decades, ever since the Compact-Impact aid migration opened the flood gates from FSM.

Laws need to change to favor the threatened homeowner, to the extent of extending the benefit of doubt. I really don't give a shit if Obrero's actions didn't quite meet the criteria of being in immediate fear of his life or whatever. These Chuukese boys had been harassing, burglarizing, threatening his family. I think the man had had enough.

I just hope I'm never in that situation. I hope my neighborhood never gets to be bad like that. God only knows what I will ultimately do.
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