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New Year's Eve Bill Maher at Blaisdell
Royce Year's Eve outing for Lou and me. We had tickets to see Bill Maher at the Blaisdell Concert Hall this evening, thanks To Lori Taniguchi. We went to see him two years ago on New Year's Eve. This time it was bound to be politically laced, with this being election time and all. Last time we were at floor level, whereas this time we had balcony seats...

Well, we went... but didn't get into it. I didn't care to be so far away from the stage and up in the balcony. The audio was poor and I struggled to hear/understand a lot of what was being said. That's so important when trying to watch and listen to standup comedy... and have to hear the punch lines to enjoy it!!! So we left early... right when Margaret Cho came out to perform...
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