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Upgrading to PHP-Fusion V9
The "test" install of PHP-Fusion V9 has been sitting pretty much idle for the better part of 5 months. I'm starting to feel like it's time to shit or get off the pot with V9 or PHP-Fusion as a whole. So I need to decide whether to scrap PHP-F altogether and move on with web projects life, or go with it and transition this old v7 site to the new one.

Initial plan was for the V9 install to be strictly as test and a look and feel check, and then once convinced to upgrade, do a direct upgrade of this V7 site so that the site would run in the root of and not have to point to /v9/ folder. But... not much else beyond core PHP-Fusion v9 (I'm talking about upgraded/ported infusions that I use) has yet been upgraded. So if I upgrade V7 to V9 directly, all the infusions that won't be compatible with V9 will break indefinitely. We're talking the video gallery as the most significant one,with others (maybe the security restrictions too, which is a major yikes!!!). So direct upgrade is not a good choice.

The more measured and controlled choice is to transition all the content on this v7 site to the v9 site, and then point all refers into the root site to /v9/ folder. Done. It's not as clean as I'd like but WTF right. The hardest part about this choice is the transition time. Unlike direct upgrade where everything that IS compatible with V9 would be on the new site, transitioning requires moving, re-adding, tweaking, every piece of content I want to keep. This is soooo tedious and time consuming. And saying that isn't theoretical looking ahead... it is twice proven in some other web projects I have done and one I am still doing in transition. I don't have the concerted time and effort to do it "ASAP". It waits, it goes slowly, it lingers for months.... sometimes never gets 100% done and I have to settle.

So I'm gonna start. Slowly. Quietly. And then this old site will go into mothball status for a few months with notice for anyone who is a regular visitor to go to the new location. If I can't find a way to transition the user database, then users have to re-register. Que sera sera....
Well, this plan is not going forward as expected. V9 development and release of a final stable version seems to be stalled. Going to PHP-Fusion v9.x at this point will be a quirky and possibly bug introducing venture for me not being code savvy. Plus, since everyone in the PHP-Fusion community is waiting for the final version to be released, almost none of the current v7 infusions have been updated for v9. Not to mention choice of themes, other mods, etc..

There have been issues with staying the V7 course too, but I think I've gotten thru them for now.
okey dokey Wink
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