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Closing public access to music Library
It's always going to happen I guess, eventually. Ever since the web, internet, access became an open commodity to just anyone, the "anyone" part opens up to clueless mofos who are out to instigate shit.

- people who want something for nothing.
- people who think any accessible worldwide web location is a public site in which they can demand shit.
- uncouth, uneducated imbeciles who have no functional knowledge or sense of need for proper or even common sense protocol and etiquette on the internet.
- people who simply want to start trouble from any angle and for any motive they can find.

The MUSIC LIBRARY is now behind upgraded access requirements and if users/visitors want to access it they have to register first, log in, and upgrade to BASIC group access. That, so they will acknowledge certain requirements and not become pests on the site.

Thank those who make it hard to just be ourselves without drama....
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