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Andromeda will be victim of PHP7 upgrade
Well alright then. Another discovery of a pending victim of having to move to PHP7.x. A logged on user went to the music library and it wasn't there. I found out the Andromeda script won't run on PHP7. It just goes blank when the script is called. I emailed the author but he isn't responding, so I guess there is no support for Andromeda anymore. So the music library will have to be redesigned somehow if I can find another adequate mp3 serving script.

This may be a sign that I need to move on from these static and non-supportable/non-supported platforms onto code programs that keep up with the times. 'Coz this is three issues now...

first - PHP-Fusion v7.02.07 vs PHP7
second - Cannot attach files in forum - Another PHP-Fusion v.7.02.07 fix for PHP7 issue
That is not good news at all, not the music!!!!!!
I'm in the process of replacing it with a simpler (very simple) web mp3 player. Instead of a link to a page of the library it will be a player on the front page in a center panel. Looks for it soon....
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