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PHP-Fusion v8.0 PHP7 compatible
The PHP-Fusion Support site released an upgrade to PHP-Fusion v7.02.07, which was supposed to be the last v7 release before the completely rewritten v9 comes out but isn't ready. The release is called version 8. It's supposed to just be the official fix to making v7 compatible with PHP7.x. I saved the install file for possible future use....

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I tried the upgrade but it didn't work. Well not that it didn't work, but after the upgrade I logged in and, with one of the changes also being that the admin panel requires admin password, the password didn't work. I couldn't get to the admin panel. Functionally most everything on the front end of the site worked. But without being able to go into the admin side, it was really impossible to accurately check that everything was working properly.

So I reverted back to v7.02.07. I guess I'll have to stick to the v7.02.07 temp fix.... for now, until I can see a reliable way forward.
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