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Landmark Plumeria hotel - gone?
I forget if it was Guam's todaysrealty realtors that posted this or something else. But it caught my attention. The Plumeria Hotel in Mongmong/Maite. t's been there since as far back as I can remember, back into my earliest childhood memories. It is a landmark. Going down route 8 from Maite to Agana, the hotel would be on the right hand side of the road. Back in my time, which has changed drastically.... on the left side of route 8 almost directly across from Plumeria Hotel... was Rainbow Mart, the 24-hour store and mini deli where everyone out late at night would stop in for a bite to eat, smokes, beer, etc.. Passing the hotel on the right, would be Bottoms Club.

Ok just memory dumping. I guess with the hotel being "for sale", it really means it'll be gone soon.
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