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Rest in Peace Peter
Pete Santos. Lou’s nephew. My godbrother. I have to tell you goodbye with more than just an adios Pedro, because Lou, the kids, and I are just now, in feeling the reality of your passing, are taking stock in the impact you’ve had in our lives here in Hawaii. It’s been three days and I just now am feeling the depression. Feeling the thought of you not popping in on us out of nowhere to share crazy laughs, drop off mangoes or fish, or some other funny yet WTF moment off the wall thing. Justin, who has that same tough outer shell and disposition that we did when we were the sh** back in the day, texted me yesterday to say Dad, I can’t believe Peter’s gone. Lina and Peaches are the same way. Lou and I look back at all the crazy antics of yours over the years, many that have stuck to become our family inside jokes of quips. The time you took Peaches and Justin out shopping or something for their school function and thought you hung up the phone with Lynn and cracked some funny stuff for my kids’ benefit not realizing Lynn was still on the line. The time you took our van at 4pm saying you got an awesome deal to have it painted by a friend who works at an auto paint shop, only to call me frantically at 11pm to come get the van because your friend was about to be raided ‘coz his supplies was boosted from his work.

Going back farther, before my kids, when we ourselves were kids... when Lou and I were puppy love going out and kissed in front of you and you laughed so hard you fell back into the bed of your Grandpa Kina’s truck. Memories of pasturing the cow, it breaks for it while untied and we try, not thinking, to step on the rope “to stop the cow from running”.

Rest my brother. It’s time. We’ll find a way to deal with the void left... that you won’t be over for our annual Christmas, Easter, or other get togethers. That you won’t be available to McGyver a fix to some stupid shit that broke on the cars.

Only Lou and the kids will get this reference. But now everytime we look at our aquarium it will forever more remind us of you and your “Hey, no no no that’s a nice aquarium” in that only Pedro can say it in such an annoying way tone. And we will remember you, and smile and feel the tug in our hearts. Esta chelu’hu, tai’apman man ali’i hit talo.
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