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Expanding Blog date (year)
I did this a while back. The default blog date, specifically the year, choices are limited to starting year being the current year. I, wanting to backdate blog entries, needing a mod. My answer was HERE. And just in case the PHP-Fusion site nukes the thread later, this was the gist of it:


Replied by Falk, May 28, 2019.
You find it in administration/blog.php line 393,[/i]

for ($i = (isset($blog_start['year']) && $blog_start['year'] != "----" ? $blog_start['year'] : date('Y')); $i <= date("Y", strtotime('+10 years')); $i++)

You can fiddle with that or just hard code the option.

So I hardcoded the years from 1970 to 2030. Attached is the hardcoded blog.php file.
Royce attached the following file:
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