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Pondering the longevity of PHP-Fusion V8, or in general....
I hate it when I have a thought process of plans on what to do with the 4 installs of PHP-fusion. Do I consolidate, and if so how to cleanly separate content? Is PHP-Fusion the long term decision to stick with not knowing how long it will continue to be supported and and sustain development? I ponder the long term support and development because it seems that the focus/direction of continued development tended to fracture just a bit after Nick Jones passed away. Not to anyone's fault of course. I'm just wondering about keeping everything on it and then it gets abandoned down the road.

Still, as I've done a few times in the past, deciding to take another route and attempting to move/migrate to another platform like Wordpress, where support and development is full speed and continuously moving forward with full focus, I find myself coming back to PHP-F. I cannot find the same comfort level and contentment with other platforms, at least not with WP. And I won't take the time to install, test, try out, and get the feel for other platforms that claim CMS functionality. No time, no patience I guess. Or maybe I'm just an extreme creature of habit wanting to stay within my comfort zone, and PHP-Fusion is that comfort zone.

I suppose it boils down to deciding how long I am going to remain online with my presence. And so, will PHP-Fusion continue on until that day I retire and/or have no need for online presence? I dunno... I guess we'll just have to wait and see. 'Coz attempting to transition to another platform has, in the past, always been wasted effort. I keep coming back to PHP-F.

I guess that answers that.
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