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Hide the treasured ones
Gotta put a padlock on the back room's directory, at least temporarily. There will come a time for site upgrade to v9.x of PHP-Fusion. That upgrade, I just know, will be a struggle to get thru. When that time comes, infusions may/will break and god knows what other code will stop working until individual tweaks are done to get it all working right again. There's no room for the contents of this directory to go into public view!!

Yeah we know what those treasured ones are....

So, for the time being... .htaccess and .htpasswd will be the silent sentinel on top of the higher level user group access bbcode.
Ok, successful upgrade to v8.00.21 last month or so. So the .htaccess/.htpasswd has been rescinded for now. We'll see what's needed when I finally feel the need to go to v9.x....
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