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Thought I'd test drive PHP-Fusion v9 instead of just waiting for the final release. Seems others have installed it.

By Royce on November 11 2017 13:00 0 Comments 325 Views Read Print

Boy how many times have I done this in restarting a blog platform. My offline iDailyDiary journal being the stable platform, I have three+ times re-fed entries into something online based.

By Royce on November 08 2017 19:58 0 Comments 231 Views Read Print

Checking group restriction bbcode functionality in the blog

By Royce on November 05 2017 16:13 0 Comments 253 Views Read Print

Installed Vblog and making a post test.

By Royce on October 31 2017 09:18 0 Comments 215 Views Read Print

Mission accomplished thanks to what Monica calls my "Toto crew". The childhood friends and family with whom we've traveled that 'to hell and back' road and fondly recount the stories. Thanks Everett and Steve for being there. Esta ki manhalihit talu.

By Royce on September 02 2017 16:27 0 Comments 195 Views Read Print

I need to get off this island (Guam), I need to go! It's like the island in the old Lost TV series. It has a life of its own that sucks me in.

By Royce on August 27 2017 15:31 0 Comments 53 Views Read Print

New Year's Eve outing for Lou and me. We had tickets to see Bill Maher at the Blaisdell Concert Hall this evening, thanks To Lori Taniguchi.

By Royce on January 01 2017 16:50 0 Comments 65 Views Read Print

Different types, different causes and effects, different circumstances that set up the atmosphere. You can have everyone around you and yet feel 'alone' in the struggle. And the struggle is real, perhaps only to you...

By Royce on November 24 2016 20:21 0 Comments 45 Views Read Print

We haven't seen babygirl Elora in about two weeks. So Lou and I picked Elora up and had an outing, to check out the new Mall in Kapolei...

By Royce on November 07 2016 06:00 0 Comments 65 Views Read Print

We had an impromptu (well, from my vantage point anyway) lunch outing to En Fuego in Kapolei. Lou, me Lori Taniguchi, Bach and Jiana Limtiaco. Well... ok Bach and Jiana went to Plantation Tavern because Jia is apparently hooked on their Kalua Pork Nachos.

By Royce on August 08 2016 03:11 0 Comments 61 Views Read Print

Lou and I flew to Bremerton to attend her funeral and burial.

By Royce on April 11 2016 05:28 0 Comments 62 Views Read Print

What a long story from thought origin to end decision on storage sheds. Typical of Lou and me though... how did we go from floor buffer to storage sheds?

By Royce on March 01 2016 04:16 0 Comments 78 Views Read Print

Enjoying time with my boy in the family room....

By Royce on January 10 2016 07:21 0 Comments 59 Views Read Print

Leaving Guam is always a bittersweet event, seemingly so no matter how many times we do it.

By Royce on June 24 2015 05:56 0 Comments 63 Views Read Print

Today was a Saturday family outing. There was a community celebration called Pride For Ewa down the street by Justin/Rachelle's place.

By Royce on April 26 2015 05:13 0 Comments 65 Views Read Print

Friday night out for dinner again...

By Royce on April 25 2015 08:22 0 Comments 62 Views Read Print

Lou and I went on a day's outing. We first talked about taking in a movie, or going to Waterfront Plaza and checking out a food bank fundraiser going on today. I didn't care for any of the movies on the circuit.

By Royce on April 19 2015 05:09 0 Comments 54 Views Read Print

Date night... private time away from the kids and grands.... always a good thing.

By Royce on April 18 2015 07:23 0 Comments 51 Views Read Print

Grandbabies' photo session April 2015...

By Royce on April 18 2015 02:56 0 Comments 60 Views Read Print

Lou and I went on date night tonight, her idea. She had another coupon for Stuart Anderson's.

By Royce on April 11 2015 07:54 0 Comments 63 Views Read Print

Lou and I went had date night dinner this evening. We first went to Cattle Company since Lou had a coupon for it, but they had a 35-minute wait (Thursday evening?) We didn't want to wait. We left and went to Buzz's Steakhouse. Haven't been there since '99..

By Royce on March 06 2015 06:59 0 Comments 66 Views Read Print

Wednesday was Lou's birthday, and Saturday, Feb 14, is both Valentine's Day and our 34th wedding anniversary. I thought it was even more special that it was a Saturday, aligning with the Saturday Feb 14th date when we got married. We did a Waikiki "staycation" to celebrate and get away, just the two of us.

By Royce on February 15 2015 09:11 0 Comments 41 Views Read Print

We had dinner at Stuart Anderson's in Waimalu this evening... me, Lou, Peaches and baby, Jon and Lina. It was a nice dinner.

By Royce on January 03 2015 07:45 0 Comments 43 Views Read Print

Merry Christmas! We celebrated with a small family dinner this evening... me, Lou, Lina, Jon, Peaches and Stephan, Justin, Rachelle, Kaley and Elora, Mom and Noel. We opened Christmas presents after dinner.

By Royce on December 26 2014 04:36 0 Comments 61 Views Read Print

Merry Christmas to all! But most especially to our family and friends who have been an important part of our lives. This is a special, blessed Christmas for our family with the addition of our babies Stephan James and Elora Danan.

By Royce on December 25 2014 03:00 0 Comments 53 Views Read Print
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