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Royce May 15 2019 04:30
I'm still experimenting, so don't get used to it! Smile
JDaniels May 15 2019 01:21
ho look different!
Royce May 01 2019 18:12
JD, short answer, yes. Folder of same name. Go look.
JDaniels May 01 2019 13:36
Do you in your library have an old song "Primo Marianas", song title or the album?
Royce April 21 2019 18:20
Happy Easter Nette!
nette April 20 2019 20:58
Happy Easter
Royce April 14 2019 16:09
Ronnieboy, not all well. So far so good, put it that way. I got discussions going on the PHP-F web site on some issues. Post in the forum to discuss if you like...
Royce April 14 2019 16:08
NJ, two of the establishments in the billboards closed down: Lemai Cafe and A&L Crafts. Guam businesses... come and go. So I took them all out.
ronnieboy April 14 2019 04:45
Ahh so you took the leap of faith and upgraded your site I see! Going well?
NormaJean April 12 2019 22:01
Oh, what happened to the Guam eateries that you had linked in the billboard panel?
Royce April 11 2019 03:36
Hafa Adai Nette, hafa tatatmanu hao!
nette April 09 2019 08:43
Hafa Adai
TomG April 05 2019 22:23
find it?
MelindaRose March 27 2019 14:49
hey guide me to the private group
Royce March 26 2019 04:33
I added you to the BASIC group.
LndnTmnglo March 26 2019 02:27
I checked the basic box and pressed save. Sorry if i did it wrong though.
Royce March 23 2019 19:16
LndnTmnglo, I sent you a private message. Gotta register and upgrade to basic first now. Too many troublemakers.
LndnTmnglo March 23 2019 11:19
how do I register as Basic group so i can see the music? i used to use this site for the good chamoru music, but i guess i gotta register now
Royce January 01 2019 23:11
Did you login first? I moved back behind the login first requirement...
ChadM December 31 2018 21:59
Royce, where did the link to the Back Room go? Saw it on the menu bar a few days ago, but not there anymore.