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Lorraine July 25 2004 10:16
Ok I am all in on that you know me Smile
Royce July 25 2004 08:22
Yes, it will but not in the open. Yikes don't want those kind of discussions for all eyes!!! Shock
Lorraine July 25 2004 02:16
it is looking good, nice job! I am looking around for the "hidden" talk, you know what I mean LOL Is it going to still be here?
Royce July 21 2004 14:11
Yeppers, trying to reconstitute from the old bulletin board setup. I'm not sure if I want to make the effort to keep all the comments and stuff since I have to move it all by hand... hmmm
Lorraine July 20 2004 09:54
Hello! Looking like your up and alive again!