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arjen October 25 2018 22:18
hi there, can accross your name at can you help me getting the video infusion 320 download please? thanxs in advance takecare Arjen
brandon October 23 2018 08:53
there is nothing in the back room?
Royce October 21 2018 10:47
Hafa adai Maylene!
kuzichick October 21 2018 01:46
Hafa Adai! Guahu si Maylene. Smile
Royce October 16 2018 07:47
Elangogo I sent you a private message.
72 October 08 2018 02:31
How do I upgrade to Basic or higher?
Royce October 01 2018 17:09
Yeah, right?
ronnieboy October 01 2018 15:40
why do spammers even waste their time trying, dumbasses!!! Pfft
Pharmb896 September 24 2018 20:20
Hello! [spam bullshit has been edited]
Royce September 24 2018 05:44
Not sure, and not sure if can. This new wimpyplayer is new to me... so trying to figure out all the features myself..
Matt September 23 2018 02:51
How do you build a playlist in the new music system>
ronnieboy September 15 2018 04:07
I like the back room setup
brandon August 26 2018 10:19
I posted in the shoutbox in the back room
Royce August 23 2018 15:01
Brandon yes, I've posted a few things about some issues and fixes and all...
brandon August 16 2018 09:56
then some kind of script error. then can login but some things in the forum are blank. Hope all is well!!! Smile
brandon August 16 2018 09:55
not sure if you know but your site has been acting strange lately, or today at least. not reachable for a while.. then
Royce July 12 2018 07:21
Well that's kind of like talking out on the sidewalk in the street. You need to come inside to talk about group accesses.
janelle July 09 2018 21:11
before I register I have some questions
Royce July 01 2018 06:00
can't help you if you're not even registered, Janelle....
janelle June 28 2018 08:19
can someone help with higher access?