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PHP-Fusion V7
Posted By: Royce - 12/29/2014
Reads - (7350)
Smile for the candids
Posted By: Royce - 06/01/2013
Reads - (1136)
The Day's Thought Gone South
Posted By: Royce - 05/27/2010
Reads - (995)
Is this even legal in public?
Posted By: Royce - 03/24/2016
Reads - (895)
Ahh life's realities
Posted By: Royce - 02/10/2015
Reads - (758)
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Maseha Hafa
random pics
Files, photos, videos, a sprinkling of my favorite Chamorro and Hawaii music, tidbits of possible interest, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal. Personal, private, work/job related references, documents, info. My personal storage and content management system. Maybe some interesting stuff; maybe not. Some stuff I might share access to; some I definitely will not; some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on. My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.
Elora and Stephan Photoshoot grabs
My babies from photo shoots this year...
Rut Ro Raggy- Hepatitis A exposure???
Hepatitis A. The cases of infections have been increasing. Weeks of the public health people trying to figure out who, how, why, etc..
Marriage jokes
I frequently laugh at marriage jokes, while Lou, even though I know she thinks they’re funny, indicates a resentment of sorts. It’s like because I find humor in them, that I must think being married is a joke or the jokes about the mean or dumb wife shows I think of the wife the same way.
Problem Solving Flowchart!
One of the techhies' favorites...
Lunch at En Fuego Kapolei
We had an impromptu (well, from my vantage point anyway) lunch outing to En Fuego in Kapolei. Lou, me Lori Taniguchi, Bach and Jiana Limtiaco. Well... ok Bach and Jiana went to Plantation Tavern because Jia is apparently hooked on their Kalua Pork Nachos.
Wow, Stick shifts going extinct!
Wow... people can't handle, don't have the manual dexterity or attention span to drive a stick shift anymore? Unbe-frikkin-lievable.
Dead and stupid
A "realistic" comparison maybe? Maybe not.... you decide! Grin
Which one, News or Forum
I keep going back and forth between a blog train of thought and CMS... using the discussion forum for what would be blog posts, the feel of it isn't "bloggish:...

The news section is more blog-like, complete with categories. But the multiple page "go to's" at the bottom doesn't feel right should the news items get into the 100's or even 1000's.

Hmm.... make a decision on which one, go with it, and stick with it... that's what it boils down to...
Modem Tones of old
Another throwback tidbit of days gone by, the precursor to the internet... dialup surfing! I put this .mp4 video together and posted it on Facebook to share among several friends who were knee deep with or like me in the BBS days. Ahhh music to our ears!
Hide and Seek 'nani
Okay, I'm human, I'm a guy as guys go. Enough said? Call this 'accidental exposure'.
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08/21/2016 19:04
why does the list of top news change from when I'm not logged in and then when I am logged in?

Si Bill
07/16/2016 19:59
Si Yuose maase bro, lot of vintage good stuff!!

07/08/2016 05:56
Read the 2nd paragraph HERE and click the link on upgrading to basic group

Si Bill
06/30/2016 20:09
What do I do to be able to play the music titles?

03/09/2016 14:14
JBMarlen, no I don't... yet. I create quizzes for my own studying, and share it as I go. But right now, I'm not in the cram mode for cert exam yet.

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