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Files, photos, videos, a sprinkling of my favorite Chamorro and Hawaii music, tidbits of possible interest, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal. Personal, private, work/job related references, documents, info. My personal storage and content management system. Maybe some interesting stuff; maybe not. Some stuff I might share access to; some I definitely will not; some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on. My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.

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Socket sizes
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Guam's pulling me in
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TSA Precheck Info Card
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Video Arcade
Only served at KFC on Guam
Maseha HafaI love it! Only on Guam. Chicken Kelaguen and Red Rice available at Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!
New Year Fireworks over Ewa Beach
Maseha HafaA scene (video) of the midnight sky over Ewa Beach, 2017.
Photo Gallery Spotlight

Adding the loft

Lina's Graduation UHWO

Nene's Funeral June 2006
Guam Sights

Peaches' baby shower

NDHS Girls
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Picking up on our bad words!!!!
You know, Elora babbles in her semi- baby talk, semi- und...
18 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Suicide bomber fail!
Sun, 17 Jan 2016 Someone shared this on FB, and I thought...
1,573 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Guam Drive NavSta to Barrigada
April 2012. Just capturing the nostalgic scenery. From Na...
210 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
A Guam video
I'd been sort of "mahalang" for Guam (missing home) the p...
619 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
Tribute to Frank 'Bokonggo' Pangelinan
I was surfing YouTube and came across this video of a tri...
508 View(s)
No Rating
From: Royce
More sightseeing for Lina (ok, and me)
Some sightseeing and driving around Guam when Lina and I ...
377 View(s)
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From: Royce
Plugs for Fave Places
A & L Crafts Federal Soup
Army Together We Served PHP-Fusion Army Surplus World



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09/16/2017 22:39
I may still compare and buy online/by mail.

09/16/2017 22:38
nope. Nobody who carries Chamorro CDs (Chode, A&L Crafts Chamorro Village) could tell me which of their stock were new releases by date. And I couldn't compare their stock against what I already heave..

09/05/2017 23:22
any new library music since the Guam trip? Smile

05/22/2017 20:16
checking in, to say hello!

03/18/2017 04:23
hafa adai

03/14/2017 03:31
Sirena, it's a joke. Ask Royce. Or post with the [adult] and [/adult] restriction so it's not open. Adult joke... Smile

03/14/2017 03:30
can listen to it but cannot download it

03/13/2017 09:34
how do we download the music

03/11/2017 18:38
is the joke on me, what long answer is that Ron

03/11/2017 06:53
long answer is: welcome to jamaica have a nice day! Pfft

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