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Maseha Hafa
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From Da 671
Photos of Guam
Files, photos, videos, a sprinkling of my favorite Chamorro and Hawaii music, tidbits of possible interest, notes and stuff for my personal blog/journal. Personal, private, work/job related references, documents, info. My personal storage and content management system. Maybe some interesting stuff; maybe not. Some stuff I might share access to; some I definitely will not; some that is worth collaborating and reciprocating on. My site is here for me as easily reachable storage and retrieval and thought dumping.
I saw this and thought, hmmm this kinda fits for this place!

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10/16/2016 18:02
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What is Up With That!
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News Panel Pack
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08/07/2016 16:55
What is Up With That!
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07/28/2016 15:36
BBCodes that have errors - FIX
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06/05/2016 19:46
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06/01/2016 04:24
another post test
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05/13/2016 07:24
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05/13/2016 07:00
Seriously? No, seriously??
Somebody tell me people really do this and a sign is needed to tell them not to??? Is this at Walmart??
Donald Trump's Self Destructing
Trump Was Recorded in 2005 Bragging About Grabbing Women “by the Pussy”. Alright Trump Supporters, imagine the "object" of his objectifying is your wife or daughter....
Talk about branding your business
Another Chinese name into a hilarious meme!
All these police shootings
Just when I thought there was something to opine about regarding the last police shooting incident, another one happens. This meme will have to do to sum it all up....
A True Lesson in Irony
This is a life's lesson, thanks to our government!
Musubi anyone?
"WTF is that?", mainlanders often say... and many (mainlanders) will say they would never eat spam. Ignorance is bliss I tell you!!
Women as Explained by Engineers
An engineering explanation... makes sense?
It's my prerogative (not that I'm a Bobby Brown fan in any stretch of the imagination!). But rearranging is going on. Just because. News posts that are 'static' are going to articles. I'll keep the more 'announcement' intended stuff in NEWS.

Hey it may change tomorrow, who the heck knows.
Reading fail!
Pretty obvious. But I wonder what, then, is she really doing?
Job truism
Ain't this the damned truth!!! This actually applies to network/telecomm operations in general and not just "IT".
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09/03/2016 03:14
Brandon, same answer as the answer about news posts changing between logged in and not logged in.

09/03/2016 03:12
299, because some/a lot of news posts have certain group level visibility versus open/public visibility.

09/01/2016 08:07
I read something you said about articles. I don't see any articles, it says no categories defined

08/21/2016 19:04
why does the list of top news change from when I'm not logged in and then when I am logged in?

07/17/2016 02:23
Hey Bing, there is an X-zone equivalent. Just explore the site...

Si Bill
07/16/2016 19:59
Si Yuose maase bro, lot of vintage good stuff!!

07/13/2016 21:21
Glad to see you made the trip. Hey I provided the space... you provide the party!!! Wink

07/12/2016 19:32
Hello, I am one of your regulars from the old Islan Guahan site, so where is the party in here? You got it goin on yet? Seriously however, I had mature and X-zone access on the other site. I guess the

07/08/2016 05:56
Read the 2nd paragraph HERE and click the link on upgrading to basic group

Si Bill
06/30/2016 20:09
What do I do to be able to play the music titles?

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