Our family (Guam clan) domain space for family named email, storage, and whatever else.
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Email Account Login
Existing SARUSAL.COM Email Account Holders/Members

Mailbox Maintenance/Settings
Preferences, email client setup guide, filters, autoresponder setup, etc..

New SARUSAL.COM email address/account Requests *
Legit use only! Not to be used for hide and seek spamming or other nefarious or illicit intentions!

Send Email to site manager/owner, at "siteadmin at sarusal.com", subject line must read "New SARUSAL.COM Email Account Request", providing the following:

1. Send the email from your primary Internet Service Provider account (e.g., Spectrum, T-Mobile) and not a freebie account (no Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., accounts!).

2. Provide:
   a. Name (first and Last)
   b. Relationship/association to SARUSAL surname (required association)
   c. Location
   d. Desired Username
   e. State an understanding and acknowledgement of the above requirement for legitimate use only. Copy/paste: "I understand that a SARUSALCOM email account will not be used for unsolicited or spam emails, or any other dishonest use."    f. Attach a scanned copy of a valid identification (ID card, Driver License, etc.) to assure an amount of verification of who you are. Edit/censor PII but leave name and city/state/country readable.

Upon acceptance and creation of your requested account, I will send you login information (username/password). You can then login using the link(s) above and reset your password per your preference.

* Permanent/indefinite email accounts are not "guaranteed" forever. I will send periodic emails to all account verifying use. I will delete accounts whose users do not respond to confirm current use! I will also delete any accounts that become the subject of complaints of misuse.