Group Access Levels
The simple reason for groups is not all things that I store on here is for public consumption. Some are work related which I might need to refer to (phone numbers, email addresses, links to work/job related sites, peoples' names for different topics/subjects, etc.). There may be photos sets or video clips in the gallery that I leave up for family sharing/viewing but not necessarily public viewing. And "other" topics.

It's like people coming to my house. I might have stuff on the front porch for the passing public to view. Other things are inside the house and I let those whom I want to come inside to see. Yet other stuff may be locked in the den or my back room where I invite only certain people to access. Same thing.

Log in first.

BASIC GROUP. The info on obtaining BASIC group access is on the front/main page right in the middle of the page.

FAMILY GROUP. PM me and substantiate the family connection. Don't need to be family/related per se, just closer friendship than casual acquaintance.

JOB GROUP. PM me and substantiate the job or work connection. Past or present co-workers, etc..

ADULT GROUP. Current BASIC, FAMILY, or JOB Group member status. PM me and if I don't already know you to be of adult age, provide a social media profile page link or something that verifies to me that you're of appropriate age (18+).

PRIVATE GROUP. Current ADULT Group member status. Info on access is in the Back Room.

SECRET GROUP. Current ADULT Group member status. Info on Info on access is in the Back Room.


Here's a quick "what access do I currently have?" check...
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