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The variety of forums have expanded and shrunk a few times, and were lively among members. So lively, in fact, that some topics had to be moved to protection and security of the back room site. Without severely dating myself, I'll say that social media refocused web users to their online communities and away from individual, personal sites... kind of like the big box stores moving into town and the local homegrown mom-n-pop stores losing customers and eventually closing shop due to loss of revenue. For personal web sites there is no revenue driving them so they stay or go as the owner wishes.

Me, I use my site 95% as a store and forward kind of place, always have. The discussion side was a good thing but not a necessary thing. I use it more now as a storage place for media, journaling as I see fit to put online, and a place to put stuff where I can get to said stuff online if I need it and am not at home.

The forums, then, are my journal space pretty much. Others can comment and post their own new threads/topics/discussions too.